What Is The Difference Between A Stereo Headset And A Single-ear Bluetooth Headset

- Aug 14, 2018-

The Bluetooth headsets that are common in life are divided into business and sports. So, do you know the difference between single earphones and stereo headphones? Now let's learn this together.


A stereo Bluetooth headset is a headset with two built-in sound units and two earbuds. In addition to talking to the stereo headphones, you can enjoy music. To be clear, whether it is a Bluetooth headset or not, only one earphone must not be a stereo headset, but a stereo headset must have two earbuds and two channels.

Single ear canal earphones:

Mono Bluetooth headset means that the headset has only one sounding unit, one earphone earphone, and the general business type Bluetooth single earphone is a typical mono earphone. The mono earphone is mainly used for talking. Because of the single function, the required yuan The device is also relatively small, so in general the mono earphone structure is relatively small, easy to carry, and cheaper. The level of modern technology is more and more developed, the technical level of earphone manufacturers is also constantly improving, and the functions of mono Bluetooth headsets are also increasing. In addition to the basic call functions, some high-end mono Bluetooth headsets also support noise reduction and photo taking. Listening to songs and other functions.

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