The Secret Of The Choice Of Earphones For Bluetooth Headset Manufacturers

- Aug 21, 2018-

In daily work and life, there are always some inevitable noise environments. Noise is not only difficult to hear, but also distracting, making people unable to concentrate or work, so buying a pair of earplugs is a good choice. What should I pay attention to when choosing a soundproof earplug? Now let the Bluetooth headset manufacturer Xiaoli Electronic Technology's Xiaobian explain how to choose the earplugs and the notes:

There are generally three types of materials for the earplugs on the market: silicone, sponge, and beeswax.

 Silica-proof earplugs: Silicone is a bit higher in terms of cost compared to sponge earplugs and beeswax earplugs. Good silicone is soft and non-toxic and does not easily irritate the skin. The silicone material has strong anti-aging ability, can be reused, and is waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to clean, and has certain antibacterial effect. Silicone soundproof earplugs are a good choice.

Sponge soundproof earplugs: Low-pressure foam material, high-elastic polyester material, anti-noise earplugs have a smooth surface, slow rebound, no pain when used, and the sound insulation effect is between 25dB-40dB. These earplugs are also very good, cheap and comfortable to wear. It should be noted that after cleaning the sponge-type earplugs, the slow rebound effect will be poor and suitable for single use. Some can be reused and need to be confirmed when purchasing.

Beeswax earplugs: This material was first used. There should be very few people using it now. Beeswax earplugs are relatively less hygienic and tend to remain. This is not recommended.

In short, no matter what design shape, what material of the earplugs should be noted:

1. The slower the rebound, the slower the better. Too fast and easy to oppress the ear canal, causing discomfort in the ear canal; too slow and close to the ear canal is not tight enough, the sound insulation effect is reduced.

2. Softness. Softness directly affects the comfort of wearing. It is too hard and too soft to fit.

3. Surface texture. The surface of the soundproof earplugs should be dry and not sticky to the touch. Don't say it is uncomfortable and not hygienic.

Finally, there are some usage habits. Bluetooth headset manufacturers recommend that you use your earplugs to ensure that your hands are clean, otherwise it is very unsanitary to pinch the earbuds a few times. The other is to clean your ears in time, so that the earplugs will not push the ear wax into the depth of the ear canal, affecting hearing.

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