Remind Children To Listen To Music With Headphones

- Aug 07, 2018-

Nowadays, music has become a part of many people's lives. People with earphones can often be seen in various occasions, many of them are children. Bluetooth headset manufacturers reminded that children are relatively vulnerable to hearing, and relatively lack of self-control ability, it is not recommended to use headphones.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers

In our life, many children wear headphones when using computers and mobile phones. In this regard, Bluetooth headset manufacturers think this is not good. First of all, the long-term use of headphones with adults may cause hearing loss, children's use of headphones has a greater impact; in addition, children's lack of self-control ability, the use of headphones is difficult to control. Clinical experts said that many children now have tinnitus, and there are many cases of high-frequency hearing loss, most of which are caused by wearing headphones. Moreover, when people use headphones, the earphones will have some friction after being inserted into the ear. Causes external auditory canal inflammation.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that listening to songs is a hobby. For friends who use headphones, in order to protect their headphones health, control the volume when using, and use headphones for as little as one hour, children should try not to use headphones.

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