Does The Bluetooth Headset Need Anti-virus

- Aug 24, 2018-

After the last "Eternal Blue" blackmail virus incident, everyone is afraid? Do you think Bluetooth headsets should also be anti-virus? ISK Bluetooth headset manufacturers tell you that the answer is yes!


The technicians of ISK Bluetooth headset manufacturers said that there are many kinds of viruses that can be transmitted in Bluetooth devices. These worms can infect your mobile phone through Bluetooth. You can reveal the internal information of the mobile phone to others. The big ones can rewrite the mobile phone program and make the mobile phone completely Hey, it caused inexplicable losses to the human economy, and the privacy was leaked for no reason.

In order to prevent this "killer" mania, the Bluetooth headset manufacturers technical department taught us to do the following:


        First, when not using Bluetooth, turn it off, not only to prevent unidentified viruses from invading, but also to save power.

        Second, when using the Bluetooth function, do not select the "can be searched by other devices" option.

        Third, when the device requests pairing, you must verify the identity and then connect, do not pair strange devices.

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