Bluetooth Technology To Improve Device Pairing Process

- Sep 29, 2016-

Due to has many using who in for hardware Zhijian of Bluetooth paired Shi, will was encountered many problem, regardless of is single paired, or is permanent paired, in paired of process and necessary operation too complex, past in connection process in the, need using personal recognition code to ensure connection of security, and improved after of connection way is is will automatically using digital password to for paired and connection, for example for, as long as in phone option in the select connection specific device, in determine zhihou, The phone automatically lists devices that can be used in the current environment, and automatically link.

Short-distance pair, but also in between two Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones paired and communication of NFC (Near Field CoMMunication) mechanism. NFC is a short-range wireless RFID technology within short distance of 1~2 m on the online application, based on electromagnetic waves, replacing traditional radio transmissions. As NFC mechanism to control a pair of initial detection when paired 2 devices in the context of transport, simply click on the mobile screen is accepted online. But NFC function, the system must be built to NFC chip or hardware features.

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