Bluetooth Headset Manufacturers Let You Know The Difference Between The Mid-high And The Woofer

- Aug 20, 2018-

With the pickness of people's ears, the sound quality of headphones is naturally very demanding, so Bluetooth headset manufacturers have also made a lot of efforts when purchasing earphone speakers. What is the difference between a high-pitched treble and a woofer?

1. The bass frequency is low and it sounds heavy, such as the drum sound in music. It is specially used to play the 20-150Hz low-collar sound speaker.

2. Neutral speaker, speaker that can play 20Hz (Hz)-5000Hz sound

3. High audio frequency, sounds sharp, such as piano sound and harmonica in music, etc. The frequency is 5000-20000Hz

Speaker bass and mid-bass, but it is the music that the speaker is suitable for playing. This is related to the material and craft of the speaker.

In general, the effective frequency response range is larger than the width of the sound emission band that is carried in the system. The impedance is consistent with the sensitivity and the low frequency unit. Sometimes the power capacity of the middle and low bass is not enough, and the sensitivity is higher, and the impedance is higher than the woofer. The midrange unit, thereby reducing the actual input power of the midrange unit.

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