Bluetooth, Better Power-saving Effect

- Sep 29, 2016-

Bluetooth 2.1 version added the ability to Sniff Subrating, set in between the 2 devices to each other through acknowledgment of the send interval to achieve the purpose of saving power consumption. In General, when connecting Bluetooth devices go into standby 2 State, still needs through mutual calls between Bluetooth devices to determine whether they are still online, of course, because of this, the Bluetooth chip must be in working condition at all times, even if the other components of the cell phone has entered sleep mode. In order to improve this situation, mutual recognition of signals between Bluetooth 2.1 device sending interval from 0.1 second extend to about 0.5 seconds of the old version, so you can get Bluetooth to work load greatly reduced, also enable Bluetooth you can have more time to completely dormant. According to the official report by using this technology, open Bluetooth Bluetooth devices online can effectively extend the standby time of over 5 times.

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