What should I do if my headphones are too hot

- Aug 14, 2018-

Recently, the weather in Shenzhen is getting hotter and hotter. The temperature is high and it feels terrible. Some music lovers often listen to songs and often listen to songs with headphones. For those who are prone to sweat, wear headphones in this weather. It will sweat in a few minutes, and suddenly it will become hot and hot near the ear. And this problem is not uncommon. Every time in the summer, there are always a lot of netizens who will start complaining about the hot weather and discuss the solution together, but in many cases it will be fruitless. This time, when the high temperature is in the summer, Shenzhen ISK Technology Co., Ltd. also talked with netizens about how to deal with this problem when the headphones are too hot.

Shenzhen Headphone Factory

In fact, in the headset type, the headset is the hardest hit of this problem, especially the large earphones with the ear-type design. When you use it, you feel the most stuffy people. When you wear this type of earphone, it will wrap the whole ear. It hinders the circulation of air in the vicinity. In the summer, it becomes a very "fatal" problem. The temperature near the ear is easy to rise and the sweat is not easily evaporated. In addition, the biased portable earphones also have such problems during the hot summer months, and the ear pads that are close to the ear can also cause sultry sweating.

Metal earphone

Different types of ear pads have an effect on the breathability. The best way to solve this problem completely is not to use headphones in the summer, but for those who have work needs or other factors that have to be used, this is obviously impossible. I have to find another way; since the cause of sultry sweating is because the air is not circulated, the phenomenon can be improved by accelerating the circulation of air near the ear. The main method is to improve the air circulation through the ear pad material. Each different material has a different performance.

Music metal earphone

Our headphones produced by Shenzhen Xin Hangbiao Technology Co., Ltd. have advantages in comparison. We are a professional manufacturer of metal earphones in Shenzhen. Our earphone ear shells are made of metal. Wires are generally required by TPE customers. Metal is much less heat-generating than leather, and wearing metal earphones does not have excessive friction on the skin in hot summer days, and air mobility is strong; in addition, we also have an advantage in appearance, metal texture, TPE wire The perfect combination of headphones, wearing our metal earphones let you shine in the crowd, Shenzhen Xin Hang Biao Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of metal headphones, practical and strong headphones, fashion trends, buy a metal headset is equivalent to buying a convenient and stylish life What are you waiting for?

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