what difference from different bluetooth chips

- Oct 31, 2016-

all of bluetooth headset can choose different bluetooth chips, and the price is also different 

usually our bluetooth headset choose with  CSR Chips, ISSC Chips, JR chips.

and now let me tell you what is different from different chips.

1. CSR chips, Is import from UK, the sould quality is clear, clean, stereo.

Average power consumption only 15mA/Hour, so same battery can use longer time .

and usually we use CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.1 chips, it can connect with two phones at the same time.

2.JR chips, It is made in China , and sould quality is also good, with deep bass, just the sound is not clear as CSR, but lots of people like the JR chips Sound quality .Because they like the deep bass . 

but it Average power consumption has about 30mA/hour, some battery like CSR Can work with 6hours, they only can works with out 3hours.

and it only can connect with one phone, not two phones at the same time.

3.ISSC chips, It with Better quality than JR Chips, Also with Bluetooth 4.1 Technology,stereo sound quality.

Average power consumption about 20-25mA.

and can connect with two phones at the same time. if customers thinking the CSR Chips is expensive , we will help customer to choose ISSC chips One

and there are more chips in available in market , like Vimicro is also good like Issc.

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