The heavier the bass of the headphones, the better the sound quality?

- Aug 09, 2018-

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      Hi~Our Shenzhen ISK Technology Co., Ltd., I met with you again, today I accidentally heard a statement about the sound quality of headphones. The heavier the headphones, the better the sound quality? There are a lot of non-professionals who are forced but who love headphones, panic, is that right? In response to this problem, we ISK logo knows the reaction immediately after the reaction, and here we will tell you about the problem. Many people think that the heavier the bass, the more rumbling the headphones are, the better the sound quality is, the higher the sound, the more powerful the bass, the special bass headphones, the sound source and the bass sound is the high-end goods, in fact, this is a big Misunderstanding.

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The price of the heavy bass is that it will lose a lot of sound details. This is a design tuning problem, and it will cause the overall sound distortion to be more powerful. The distortion is the change of the sound played by the earphone compared to the original sound, so the logo "listening" (recording) Headphones for use in room recording monitors are not heavy bass.

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One of the biggest consequences of losing a lot of sound details is also the most easily overlooked. The performance of the "sound field" is low. The sound field means the sound of the scene. It can be distinguished or even closed when you can see it. "It seems that the sound source, location, etc. of the scene, there is an immersive feeling. If you pursue heavy bass sound, you will lose a lot of sound details, and the site restoration is not accurate.

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The heavy bass tuning of the bass directly affects the reductiveness of singing vocals. That is, the singer’s voice is obviously lower when listening to pop songs. Relatively speaking, the high-fidelity restored headphones can reach the singer’s singing in front of him. Feeling of the scene.

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The risk of the bass being too heavy is to damage the hearing. The 2.1 computer speaker with a subwoofer is also strong and far away from the ear, while the earphone is close to the ear. Listening to the bass sound for a long time is likely to cause hearing damage, such as tinnitus. Even temporary deafness.

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However, many people think that listening to the bass sound, so if you like this style, then you can try to adjust the low volume to protect your hearing. It is also not recommended to wear headphones for a long time, and the ears need to rest, so that you can enjoy your life healthily~

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