The development of smart home drives the development of the Bluetooth solution market

- Sep 13, 2018-

According to market research IHS, the smart home market will show a compound annual growth rate of 56% in the next three years, and the product shipments in the market will reach 190 million units by 2018, and Bluetooth will become the growth of smart home in the past three years. The fastest wireless connection technology. Another market research firm, Strategy Analytics, also showed that 224 million households, or 12% of the world's households, would install at least one type of smart home system. Of course, this also drives the development of the Bluetooth solution market.

      “Bluetooth Smart is the underlying technology for IoT or smart home applications because it is compatible with smartphones and is a proven protocol that can be convenient for users. Consumers can use their mobile phones as controllers, eliminating the need for A dedicated solution,” said St?le “Steel” Ytterdal, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nordic Asia. “And, as the Bluetooth Mesh standard continues to improve, new technologies developed in 2006 will increase mesh support, even the same With the technology enhancements and increased bandwidth capabilities of the series, Bluetooth Smart will be more adaptable to smart homes."

      Ytterdal pointed out that this year's consumer electronics market continues to be hot, especially the various innovations in the Chinese consumer market. “Currently, in addition to the continued growth of the wearable market, the intelligence of Bluetooth Smart is a thriving emerging market that covers a wide range of applications, including door lock systems, subscription authentication, ticketing and wireless payments, etc. In addition to medical devices, VR Equipment is also a very promising application market.” He specifically mentioned, “The Bluetooth Mesh protocol is being further improved. It is expected that there will be progress announcements at the middle of this year or at the end of the year, when more vendors and innovative applications will participate. Come in.

      The current single-chip smart Bluetooth solution strives to keep up with the rate of innovation in the field of Bluetooth intelligence, the fastest growing wireless market in history, especially in the field of wearable products and IoT applications. "The main reason is that higher performance has to be achieved at the expense of power consumption, but now we have overcome this problem. Nordic customers are continuing to illuminate, secure and based on the nRF51 and nRF52 series of Bluetooth Smart SoC devices. The commercialization of other smart homes means that the vision of smart homes is rapidly becoming a reality. On the other hand, our newly released nRF52 series SoC devices also provide compactness for the UL P wireless capabilities required by the emerging markets mentioned above. Highly integrated solutions to meet the needs of these markets.

Ytterdal emphasized that "the nRF52 series is the first to combine breakthrough performance and high performance on the Bluetooth single chip. It is the single-chip product that the Bluetooth market is eager for. We hope this product can release and motivate developers to develop Bluetooth smart products and The application is more innovative and redefines the possibilities that can be achieved with Bluetooth Smart Wireless technology.

      In addition to continuous innovation in technology and products, Nordic is also increasing its investment in China, a market full of many possibilities. Since the start of Nordic in the Asian region in 2001, the Chinese market has grown steadily every year. However, since we launched Bluetooth smart products in 2010, the sales volume in China has skyrocketed, indicating that China is carrying out a large number of innovative activities, we We must be close to our customers to provide close technical support. For this we opened new sales and technical support offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen earlier this year,” Ytterdal said. “The new office was opened in response to domestic design and development. The growth of Bluetooth solutions companies, especially in the areas of wearables, IoT, toys, health care, payment systems, and smart remote controls with voice commands."

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