How to do bluetooth headset processing customization, including what aspects

- Dec 20, 2018-

Shenzhen isk technoloy co,. LTD can provide new product updates, production assembly, color box printing, plastic blister packaging to specializing in the production of services, such as quick, real-time and effectively to provide products that meet the customer needs, meet customer needs is our responsibility, provide customers from product development, design and manufacturing to late maintenance of all services, all-round to meet user requirements.The advanced manufacturing equipment capability reflects the manufacturing strength of the enterprise. ISK has invested heavily in the introduction of mold manufacturing, plastic, SMT and other equipment, equipped with a professional technical team, which provides a guarantee for the rapid launch of new products.Shenzhen ISK can customize products with customer LOGO according to its own needs, or change the packaging form, or change the appearance of products, or form customized products with different internal function configurations to meet the needs of customers and downstream customers.You can also participate in the research and development of products, put forward your own ideas for customized products, and provide your own unique design drawings, so that we can create bluetooth headset products that meet your requirements perfectly, for the promotion and sales of gifts or benefits and independent brands.                                                                                                                                                                    

The above mentioned "OEM" also do not understand the friends will ask, what is the specific meaning?It is necessary to explain here, OEM, popular point, is the processing of custom, the original refers to the purchaser to provide equipment and technology, by the manufacturer to provide manpower and venues, the purchaser is responsible for sales, the manufacturer is responsible for the production of a modern popular production mode.However, at present, most enterprises have adopted a kind of substitute processing method in which the buyer provides the brand and authorizes the manufacturer to produce the products affixed with the brand.OEM mode is actually a good way: that is, based on the enterprise's own production capacity advantage, melt into other products produced by OEM mode. Under the premise that customers do not have the production capacity in this aspect, enterprises use their own inherent production capacity to provide customers with personalized products suitable for their needs.In this way, it promotes the development of the technology and benefits of the enterprise, increases the economic benefits of the enterprise, strengthens the influence of its brand, and enables customers to get more comprehensive and timely and thoughtful services from the all-round OEM.

On the other hand, OEM enterprises have also developed under the guidance of enterprises, which fully reflects the principle of rational allocation of resources.In addition, OEM mode of operation can more effectively allocate limited internal resources of the enterprise, minimize the level of management, and improve the efficiency of management.ISK has a monthly assembly and production capacity of 150,000 sets of products, and can provide ODM, OEM orders, gift ordering, group procurement, personalized customization and other related services


About bluetooth headset processing custom include the following: bluetooth headset appearance, shape, the customer has its own trademark, LOGO printing, printing LOGO on color box and color box, blister shape, bluetooth headset and its language specification, and bluetooth headset accessories, and other aspects, our commitment to use our best, and customers to cooperate, make perfection to meet the requirements of customers products, customer satisfaction, is our greatest satisfaction.

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