How can our favorite Bluetooth headsets be used properly to better protect their ears?

- Aug 22, 2018-

Bluetooth headset has been loved by many people, because it is convenient, easy to carry, easy to use, and not as wired as ordinary headphones, so many people like it in many occasions, but many people also ignore some of the attention to use it. Matters, today ISK Technology Co., Ltd. tells everyone how to properly use the Bluetooth headset, and then protect yourself.

Many drivers have been equipped with Bluetooth headsets since the new rules imposed calls on drivers while driving. In the street or gym, there are more and more people using Bluetooth headsets. Although the Bluetooth headset is light and easy to carry, it is convenient to use, but improper use can also cause harm to the body.

Bluetooth headset for driving calls

        First of all, the radiation problem of the Bluetooth headset has no obvious damage to the human body, and its radiation is much smaller than that of the mobile phone. However, the Bluetooth earphones are mostly in-ear type, the earplugs are stuffed in the ear canal, and the eardrum is very close to the earphone horn diaphragm. The earphone sound has a relatively large auditory nerve stimulation to the eardrum, and it still has some damage to the ear after being worn for a long time. In addition, the Bluetooth headset is light and convenient, and many people like to listen to songs and make calls over a long period of time, which may cause dizziness and headaches.

Rear-mounted sports Bluetooth headset

        In the long-wearing process, some people will inevitably repeatedly insert and remove the earplugs, which is also easy to scratch the ear canal, which may cause ear inflammation, especially those of the cottage Bluetooth headset, some manufacturers use inferior materials in order to save costs. Earplugs are easy to cause ear infections. In addition, many small brands or cottage brands, using components without quality assurance, will also have potential harm to ear health.

Sport slim bluetooth headset

        Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the harm of the Bluetooth headset to the body, in addition to daily wear as long as possible, the quality of the headset, long-term listening to the song should not always use a large volume, etc. are all important factors for ear health, need to be slightly note.

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