Does wearing headphones for a long time affect your hearing?

- Aug 07, 2018-

For the modern people, the earphone has become an indispensable "equipment", and it is inseparable from leisure, entertainment and learning. But many people say that wearing headphones for a long time will damage the hearing. Is this correct? In fact, if you don't take off your headphones for a long time and the volume is high, it will definitely affect your hearing. It is recommended that your friends use headphones to ease stress and entertain life during leisure and entertainment. Wearing headphones on this way will have no effect on our hearing.

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After scientific research, Chinese scientists and technicians used earphones for 1 hour and 1-2.5 hours per day for subjects with an average age of 23 years old. There was a significant hearing difference. He suggested that the use of earphones can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, especially in the high-frequency region, which is significantly larger than the low-frequency region. The longer the earphone type is used, the greater the degree of hearing damage. Remind everyone that when you have high-pitched tinnitus, it is recommended to use earphones for long periods of time and high volume to prevent hearing loss. In recent years, hearing loss has gradually increased in some young people who wear headphones to listen to music. This is because when the person wears the earphone, the outer ear canal is tightly blocked by the earphone. Magnet adsorption metal earphone

The high volume audio sound pressure will directly enter the ear and damage the hearing, causing certain hearing damage. Listening to music with headphones for a long time, the hearing will appear fatigue, damage, the human body will appear irritability, dizziness, and other conditions affecting hearing. Therefore, the tips and tricks of the friends who love the headphones, the appropriate use of headphones to relieve stress, entertainment, do not fatigue, so that life is more quality, fun.

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