Does noise-reduction earphone damage affect hearing?

- Aug 10, 2018-

I believe that most people like to be in a quieter environment, but things are often counterproductive. We are inevitably responsible for most of the noise, so noise often makes us feel unhappy, and in severe cases, it affects our sleep and affects it. Our health. At this time, many people will choose noise-reducing tools, such as noise-cancelling headphones and noise-reducing earplugs. However, after such a tool has been used for a long time, some people will begin to suspect that there will be damage to the hearing. Below Shenzhen ISK Co., Ltd. to see with everyone. Looking at noise-cancelling headphones damage hearing?

Metal earphone

bluetooth earbud 5.0

The technical principle of the noise earphone is that the earphone has a microphone for collecting sound, especially low frequency noise, and through special processing, a sound wave opposite to the low frequency noise is emitted to achieve the effect of canceling the low frequency noise. So many of the noise-reducing earphones that I brought for the first time felt uncomfortable because the air pressure outside the ear was directly offset, and the air pressure was felt. This would not hurt the hearing of the ear, but would protect the hearing.

Listening to music in a quiet environment, the sound can be heard clearly with a little bit. Wholesale production of headphones

The noise-cancelling headphones that we often say in our mouths are the active noise-cancelling headphones that we have to say today through chip processing. The biggest feature of this kind of active noise canceling headphones is that a noise reduction processing chip will be added in the headphone wire control or the earphone. The ambient sound is then received through a microphone on both ear cups of the headset.

bluetooth earbud 5.0

By dealing with the principle of generating reversed sound waves, it is offset by the external environment sound to achieve the purpose of active noise reduction.

There are two ways to reduce noise in headphones, active noise reduction and passive noise reduction.

I believe that in the beginning, everyone must have thought that the appearance of noise headphones is for us to prevent noise. It is not the case. Noise headphones are mostly used by some business people. In some professional fields, a quiet environment is very important, such as dialogue between national politicians. At this time, noise headphones are very important. There is also a game player playing the game,

Noise headphones are often also needed to prevent external sounds from disturbing their state.

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