Buy Bluetooth headsets, mainly to what to buy?

- Sep 29, 2016-

① for language learning. Simply choose cheaper headphones just to headset with volume control for good, II used to listen to the news. Ordinary magnetic earphone. ③ used to listen to music. General music, simply buy a mid-range phone, such as auscultation or moving coil headset. If you enjoy high quality music, you should not care about the price, buy high-fidelity headphones, such as high quality moving-coil, flat or condenser headset. BRD headphones with high performance is the first choice. ④ easy to use. Wireless Bluetooth headphones without wires, is extremely easy to use, there are also headphones with a radio function, allows you to listen to all kinds of music and language program at any time. ⑤ channel. Single-channel and dual-channel power amplifier devices equipped with single and dual mono headset

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