Briefly describe the eight advantages of the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol

- Sep 03, 2018-

The Bluetooth 5.0 protocol was officially released in London on June 16, 2016 as the most advanced Bluetooth protocol standard in the current period.

1, faster transmission speed

      The developers of Bluetooth 5.0 said that the new version of Bluetooth transmission speed limit is 2Mbps, twice the previous 42LE version. Of course, you are unlikely to reach this extreme speed in real life, but you can still experience significant speed improvements.

2, the farther effective distance

      Another important improvement of Bluetooth 5.0 is that its effective distance is 4 times that of the previous version, so in theory, when you stand with a mobile phone standing 300 meters away from the Bluetooth speaker, it will continue to put you in love. s song. That is to say, in theory, the effective working distance between the Bluetooth transmitting and receiving devices can reach 300 meters. Of course, the actual effective distance depends on the electronic device you use.

 3, navigation function

      In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 will add more navigation functions, so this technology can be used as an indoor navigation beacon or similar positioning device, combined with wff can achieve indoor positioning with an accuracy of less than 1 meter. For example, if you are a road idiot, you can still use Bluetooth technology to find a way in the business center of Nuo Da.

4, Internet of Things function

      The Internet of Things is still hot, so Bluetooth 5.0 has a lot of underlying optimization for the Internet of Things, and strives to serve smart homes with lower power consumption and higher performance.

5, upgrade the hardware

      Some previous Bluetooth version updates only require upgrades, but Bluetooth 5.0 is likely to require an upgrade to a new chip. However, the old hardware is still compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, and you can't enjoy its new performance. The flagship mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth 50 chip will come out in 2017, I believe that the low-end mobile phone will also continue to build Bluetooth 5 chip. Apple will be one of the first-to-use vendors to use the technology.

6, more transmission functions

      The new Bluetooth 5.0 adds more data transfer capabilities, and hardware vendors can create more complex connectivity systems such as Beacon or location services via Bluetooth 50. Therefore, the advertisement data sent by the Bluetooth device can send a small amount of information to the target device without even pairing.

7, lower power consumption

      As we all know, Bluetooth is an essential function of smart phones. As more and more smart devices and mobile payment devices need to be turned on, Bluetooth can be enjoyed and gradually integrated into people's lives. The power consumption of Bluetooth has become the standby time of smartphones. A big killer. For this reason, Bluetooth 5.0 will greatly reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth, so that people no longer have to worry about the short standby time in the process of using Bluetooth.

8, truly support lossless transmission

      Support 24bit/192KHz lossless audio transmission, which poses an effective threat to existing WIF high-fidelity lossless audio transmission.

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