Bluetooth radiation

- Sep 29, 2016-

Output power of only 1 MW for Bluetooth products, is the microwave power of one out of 10,000, is a mobile phone (cell phone) for 1 per thousand, and these outputs are only a small portion is absorbed by the human body. Bluetooth radiation on the human body than directly from the phone to answer the call and try traditional wired headphones is more green, safe, children and pregnant women can rest assured that use.

When you use a Bluetooth headset to answer or make a call, mobile transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves the antenna away from the body and, therefore, influence of radiation on the human body will be due to the distance and become weaker.

Using Bluetooth headset does not eliminate radiation from mobile phones, but it is like a bullet-proof vest, use a Bluetooth headset, just like your wearing a bullet-proof vest, with its protection, when phone is in use, can the bullet out of the radiation outside the human body, thus avoiding the phone possible harmful to the human body.

Bluetooth headphones transmission data Shi is to electromagnetic waves of form sent received of, so-called of radiation is electromagnetic waves radiation, everyone by said of radiation on human of hurt main produced Yu electromagnetic waves of strength and frequency, dang both while exists and numerical high Shi radiation for we of hurt on is big has, but with science and technology of development, people gradually solution has this problem, is Bluetooth headphones of came out, Bluetooth headphones used of is low frequency, relative far distance transmission, So it receives electromagnetic frequency and intensity are less, if quality is no problem, that the call using a Bluetooth headset for radiation less suitable for pregnant women, of course, we need to choose a good Bluetooth headset, we can choose a different brand models use parameters to take into account

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