Bluetooth headset how to boot

- Sep 29, 2016-

Bluetooth headset power there are two, one is in perfect condition, a paired State,

If the headset and a connection for the first time, be sure to match, and equipment complete the pairing can be used.

The first boot, hold down the side of the headset to answer key, to the blue lights flash (is flashing three times), and headphones are opened to the normal status,

Second species boot, press headphones side of received listening to key, to blue to blue lamp Flash (General is Flash three Xia) don't release (note is don't release, and first species way different), until blue lamp long bright (or red blue lamp alternating bright, currently market Shang of headphones General on two species State), again release button, headphones open to paired State, can and other equipment for paired and using.

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