An article teaches you how to maintain and maintain your Bluetooth headset?

- Aug 18, 2018-

The following phoenix of ISK Technology Co., Ltd. tells you how to maintain and maintain the Bluetooth headset, I hope the following answers can help you.

1: For the first time, try to charge the headset for 2-4 hours. After charging for 2 hours each time. Excessive charging time will directly cause the machine board to age or even burn out.

2: Put the headset in your pocket or bag, turn off the headset first, and avoid accidentally pressing the headset function button. Waste unnecessary power.

3: Do not touch the earphones with sharp objects, which will cause scratches or damage; let alone insert any small objects into the headphones, which will damage the parts inside. So don't put it in your pocket after you've used it, it's best to use a small bag alone.

Bluetooth earphone

4: Do not expose the headphones to liquid or moisture. It is best to clean the surface of the headphones with a neutral solvent.

5: If you do not use the headphones for a long time, please ensure that they are placed in a dry place. If they are placed for more than one month, they should be charged on time to ensure the performance of the battery and headphones, and away from the place where the temperature changes greatly and is dusty.

6: Do not put the headphones in a place where magnetic resonance is easy to form, such as a TV set or a nearby magnet.

7: Do not expose the headphones to an open flame to avoid the danger of explosion.

8: Do not try to disassemble the headphones yourself.

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