Affect the sound quality of headphones, and the earphones of headphones also have 'credit'?

- Aug 16, 2018-

In today's life, some friends who love music and netizens who like headphones have become more and more inseparable from headphones, and in-ear headphones have become a common thing. Users who use in-ear headphones in daily life are definitely not Less, compared to traditional head-mounted or earbud-type headphones, the advantages of the in-ear type are quite obvious. The stethoscope effect of in-ear headphones is usually eliminated by changing the cable, design or wearing method of the earphones, but the fit is improved by changing the earmuffs.

Metal earphones

Reasonable use of earmuffs can not only improve the comfort, but also the sound quality can be changed and improved. In many users' eyes, the impressions of the earmuffs are all black semi-circular flaws. In fact, the types of earmuffs are also diverse. We, ISK Technology Co., Ltd. will bring you a detailed introduction in this article. First of all, the in-ear headphones can be very small in size and easy to carry around. Secondly, its sound insulation effect is also very good. Even if the surrounding environment is noisy, it can still provide good listening effects; but the shortcomings of in-ear headphones are also It is also obvious that due to its special wearing style, long-term use may cause ear canal discomfort or even inflammation of the ear, and in-ear headphones have more or less a stethoscope effect, and the stethoscope effect is particularly disturbing when going out.

Wire-controlled metal earphone

It can be said that the advantages and disadvantages of the in-ear headphones are brought about by their own structure and wearing method. The in-ear headphones adopt an in-depth wearing method, and a part of the catheter at the front end of the cavity protrudes into the ear canal through The earmuffs are fixed in contact with the ear canal, so it is inevitable that some ear foreign body sensation will be generated when the earphone is worn, and the silicone earmuffs will be uncomfortable when they are in contact with the ear canal for a long time. In addition, the in-ear earphone wire is rubbed. In the event of a collision, the impact sound is transmitted directly through the wire into the ear canal to produce a stethoscope effect.

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