About Bluetooth headset diaphragm

- Aug 07, 2018-

    Friends who understand the structure of the Bluetooth headset, I believe that the Bluetooth headset diaphragm also has some understanding, it is a very important part of the composition of the headset, equivalent to the heart of the headset, only the diaphragm of the Bluetooth headset is not damaged, the headset Only to function properly.

    The developer of Essencom Bluetooth headset manufacturer told everyone that because the diaphragm of the new Bluetooth headset has not been used, the elasticity is relatively poor and the rigidity is relatively strong. Therefore, when using the new earphone, slowly adjust the volume, not too large, because the volume Exceeding the assembly makes the vibration amplitude of the earphone diaphragm too large, causing the earphone to be damaged, and not changing the volume too quickly or greatly, which will adversely affect the earphone diaphragm.

Beep Bluetooth headset manufacturers

    Therefore, Essencon Bluetooth headset manufacturers recommend that you use a new headset, it is recommended to listen to normal volume for one to two months. In the process, avoid listening to the more exciting music. When the headphones have passed the running-in period, they can be used better. This is a very safe way to use the new headphones. Also, avoid touching the headphones with a damp environment

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